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  • Study Oversees with the help of Macpherson's.
  • We offer free counselling services for course and institution selection.
  • We offer assistance with university and visa applications.
  • We assist with all other logistics such as organizing travel and booking accommodation.




Countries, Universities and Careers you are interested in.


Come in

Come in for a FREE consultation with your current certificates.

Our Step by Step Guide:


Make informed decision.

From the options we give you.


Come back to us.

With your application form, certificates, passport and bank statements.

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We send your application

We will notify you once you have an offer letter.


Pre-departure briefing

Then go to University, work hard and play hard!

How we can help you?

As the oldest International Educational Representatives in Harare we are very experienced in offering support and advice for the whole process of studying overseas. We have been helping students in Harare for over 20 years.

Whether you are still at school, a recent graduate or looking to further your tertiary education, we can help you and it's FREE!!

We have an extensive library of Brochures from Institutions all over the world and helpful knowledgeable consultants to talk you through any queries.

So if you want to study in Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Asia or South Africa come and see us today, or get in touch with us now.

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The Macpherson's Team

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